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New location and new journey——PHOTON invites you to light up the Guangzhou branch!

PHOTON Guangzhou Branch has moved to a new office address

Embark on a new journey, towards a new beginning

This will become our driving force for continuous progress!

New location and new journey

On August 25, PHOTON ushered in a new milestone.

With the rapid development of PHOTON in the industry, the continuous improvement of business segments, and the continuous growth of the team, to meet the needs of development, PHOTON Guangzhou Branch expanded nearly twice the office area and moved to Huangpu District, Guangzhou At the core area of Yunsheng Science Park, Spectrum Middle Road, with a new office environment and innovative concepts, it provides employees and customers with a more efficient quality experience.

After the housewarming ceremony, PHOTON's monthly sales champion awarding ceremony and sharing session followed. The award ceremony was presided over by Manager Chen of the Foreign Trade Department, and a passionate song "Tomorrow Will Be Better" entered the award ceremony.

The award ceremony is divided into three parts: awards are given to the top three employees in monthly sales; outstanding employees give award speeches and sharing; leadership comments. Finally, the general manager of the company will give everyone a summary speech to encourage everyone to guard against arrogance and rashness. If every effort is made, it will be regarded as a prelude to the next effort. Every effort is to contribute to my life. Every day is a harvesting process. The more you work hard, the more confident you will be. Even if the result fails, you will accumulate experience for the next step. Everything is under control.

PHOTON will take this relocation as a new starting point, continue to use an international and professional corporate image, strengthen industry linkages, deepen market insights, and further provide you with better products, solutions and services, and work with you Development and progress!


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