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2021 PHOTON will hold the annual meeting with the theme of

2021 PHOTON will hold the annual meeting with the theme of "Let's Work for You"

On January 21, 2021, all the staff of Shenzhen Photon Broadband Technology Co., Ltd. held the annual company meeting of 2021 with the theme of "Let's Work for You" in Fuman Building, Shenzhen. We gathered together to celebrate the grand ceremony.

At this annual meeting, the staff of Feitong created and performed a variety of artistic programs, which made the whole party climax one after another.

With the sign language dance "Listen to Me Say Thank You", the annual meeting officially kicked off. "You look good when you smile", "Everybody paddles the boat", "Singles Circle", "Into the New Era", "The Scroll Nine" and other programs pushed the party to a climax.

The result obtain, is the result of people's joint efforts, and all the real show of unity is strength of our factory, annual meeting, the company awarded the prize of excellent employees, December sales runner-up prize, December sales team award, 2020 annual sales champion award, from them, we see is the job of the PHOTON staff conscientiously and willing to pay.

Annual meeting scene, our sales elite, with their actions to express the determination of the coming year, each sales colleagues have signed written pledge to fulfill a military order, 2021, they come!

The general manager of the company, Mr. Lei, made a summary of the work in 2020, summarized the achievements and deficiencies achieved in 2020, formulated the goals for 2021, appointed the management of the company, and took the oath together.

The year 2020 will be the year of Feitong's development. In this year, we have flowers, sweat, wind and sunshine, and stormy waves. But for Feitong, a poem is the most appropriate one, that is, "There will be times to ride the wind and waves, and sail straight up to cross the sea".

At last, with everyone's laughter, wine and food, the annual meeting came to a successful conclusion。


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